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My Writing Place

Fanfiction and then some

21 August 1980
Since I am mostly a lurker, I decided that this lj is going to slowly but surely turn into a writing journal. Mostly writing anyway, with a few pics thrown in there for the viewing pleasure of any that wish to see them. Anyway, if you're reading this right now, know that it is WAY under construction and that the only thing posted in this journal right now are tests from where I was teaching myself how to post pics and stuff. Anyway. Keep checking back (if you check at all) and, one day, I'll have stuff here! I'm also working on an old webpage I had way back when that I'm trying to get back up to date so look for that too!

I am moderating a community called alan_anonymous. It is a community dedicated to the actor Alan Cumming. If anyone is interested in joining, come on over!

I also run another community called awoa. It means Actors We Obsess About. If you obsess about them, we wanna hear about them so drop by and give it a look. Not much there but we're hoping to grow and have lots of fun so come join and see if you like it!